Adjectives with estar - It's windy.

Look for related verbs, adjectives, and nouns:

· verbs - it rains, it snows

· adjectives - rainy day, snowy day

· nouns - the rain, the snow

Make sure to SAY every answer in Spanish before you click it.

Part 1

Adjectives & Adverbs to Modify Them


cold, cool/fresh, warm/hot, clear, cloudy, sunny, windy, snowy


very..., so..., too..., rather/quite...


spanish vocabulary transitive verbs intelengua

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This activity is designed to include sound files, but they aren't ready!

This SPELL IT verb practice will be frustrating if you aren't familiar with how it works. You must use the on-screen virtual keyboard.

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Part 2

The Verb "Being" with Adjectives

is, was, will be, would be, has been, had been, etc.


Most Spanish verbs have verb-tense forms that correspond well to English in meaning and in use.

This practice will be more challenging, as this correspondence breaks down a bit the verb "being": in English, there are two gaps in the forms, two forms that should exist but don't: "does be" and "did be".

spanish vocabulary transitive verbs intelengua

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