spanish essential review 1 daily report 09

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9-A - determining adjectives - whose?

REPEAT - practice - match it - foods (feminine only)

practice - find it - foods (masculine & feminine)

9-B - verbs - regular - vocabulary

QUICK REPEAT - practice - match it - communication (part A)

QUICK REPEAT - practice - match it - everyday actions set #1 (part A)

practice - match it - everyday actions set #2 (parts A & B)

practice - match it - movement (parts A & B)

9-C - noun phrases - object of preposition

video instructions & mini-lecture (personal-pronoun translator)

Did you watch this video from start to end?
I think this video was...

interactive vocabulary list (personal-pronoun translator)

practice - match it - english to spanish (parts A & B)

practice - see it - introduction

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